April 10, 2012


I knew that moving was going to be hard, packing things and moving them over has been going slowly but surely.

Today, before work I decided to get the rest of items out of the attic.  There were only a few smaller things left up there that were not in boxes.  I was literally moving the last 2 items down, when about halfway down the ladder, my foot slipped forward into the rung and I fell backwards.  Boom! Ouch!

Luckily I turned to the side, because if I had gone straight back I would have landed on the vaccuum cleaner.  Instead I landed on some soft stuff (well, my head anyway). My hip, back, foot and ankle not so much.
So I am taking lots of Advil, ice, and taking it easy. Including not going to work.  I have a bad feeling I am going to be really sore tomorrow.

On a good note, the attic is empty! lol
I also made a $3950 payment to the MBNA.  I will let you know the new updated number when it finally posts, because the statement may cut for it before the payment does, which would change the number a little bit.
It's amazing, a year ago, the interest would have changed it A LOT.

It's nice to see that number going way down.

I hope you all had a nice Easter.  Another celebration without J.  But he will be home in 40 days :)

I am so thankful to have a husband who has made the sacrifices he has, for a family who has been there for me while he has been gone, and for my fellow blog friends who have been supportive and keeping me busy reading their blogs for the last year :)


Rafiki said...

I hope you are doing much better, that had to hurt, at least you didn't sprain, fracture or break your ankle. That was the first fear that came to me when I read your foot slipped.

It's been an awesome year. I can still remember every month seeing a new set of zeros being posted. It really has been fantastic and so much has happened. You've came very far in a year and all that credit card debt is soon gone. Better yet your husband will be home with you soon enough.

Hope you are feeling better and try and be a little more careful. Don't want anything bad happening.

~Carla~ said...

Ouch is right!! Hope you're feeling better! What an awesome payment on your debt!! Wow! Well done! :)