May 3, 2012

Home Sweet Home

As of Monday I had finished moving everything from the Rental.  I was so glad to have finished. And now I get to have fun putting things away in our new home.

So a bit of an update on work and my FMLA request.  I can't really go too much into it right now because I have to take things further in HR than I wanted to.
Basically, they denied my FMLA request twice and I have caught the Occupational Health Nurses in 3 different lies. My doctor's office is confused and angry with the situation that has happened.  I'm confused, frustrated and furious with the nurses, so much so that on Tuesday HR suggested that the best thing for me would be to not work that day as the nurse I had spoken to about the second denial had given me panic attacks and heart palpitations.
Let's just say that Tuesday was NOT a good day.
I will update when I can, but right now I am more concerned with J coming home in 17 days :)
Getting the house in order and loving life (and my jeep! which came home on Sunday as well)

Hope you all have been having a great week!  Mine has been up and down, but I have this entire weekend off and I plan to enjoy it!


jpkittie said...

yippee! 17 days!!!!!

good luck getting the house all settled!!!

Rafiki said...

That is a beautiful house and one awesome looking jeep. I'm jealous. On top of that, you will be reunited with J very soon. I'm so happy for you. Life really is awesome.