May 7, 2012

Life Is Semi-Normal

I've been in the house for 1 week now, and I'm still getting used to the different sounds, having 3 bathrooms, and which light switch goes to what.
I love this house though (although not loving the train), and I cooked my first meal here on my day off last week. Chicken Fried Rice which I love.

Speaking of cooking in my house.  I need to start this again, and when J gets home in 13 days (yay!) we will definitely be eating in more and using the nice gas cooktop and double oven :)
I hope with that I will continue to be able to lose weight.  With the cruise only 258 days away I would like to be able to wear a bathing suit and not feel so self-conscious.

As of last Monday my weight was down, but that was due to stress and moving lots and lots of boxes and furniture.  I don't really want to know what it is now.

I MUST do this.  Back to water (or flavouring my water) and cutting the carbs (which I love!)

Finances.  We made our first mortgage payment for May 1 and I just set up our next one to Wells Fargo who bought the mortgage from Amerisave. I love this, because I didn't like Amerisave, J isn't so happy.  He had a bad experience with WF many years ago.  But we will deal with it. 
Reason I made our June 1 payment today is so that I can get 1 month ahead on it.  We will make the $1430/month payment from John's paycheck, and I will add additional principal from my paycheck starting here soon.
I would love to be able to at least make an additional $50/month in principal to it.

J has been having fun buying things that he never thought he would be able to afford. And I am fine with that.  As long as we'll be able to pay the cars, mortgage, utilities we'll be good.  And we'll still have fun money.

The credit cards have been used, but that's only because we are using it for airline miles and cashback.  It is NOT going to be like it was.  Charge charge charge and only pay a little back each month. That's how we got into trouble before.  For the most part, they are paid in full after the statement cuts.    I'm not one of those folks who doesn't believe in credit cards, or living completely debt free.  I just want to be financially responsible.  My parents live like this, they are happy and as far as I know have never had any financial issues.
And they are happy :)

Well, it's Monday and today is Truly Monday for me as I didn't work yesterday.  I have an interview for the supervisor position today, I hope I do ok.  I interview well so I should be fine. Wish me luck though!

Hope you all have a great start to the week :)


Michelle P said...

Sounds like things are going good!

Tanner said...

Best of luck with that interview!

Louise said...

good luck with the interview!

Rafiki said...

I'm a week late so I hope the interview went well and they end up picking you.

You struck a strong point with me in this post. I too am not completely debt adverse and I only really want to be financially responsible and in control. I'm about to take out a loan just for some credit history. I know it won't sit well with most, but I totally believe it is a good move.