May 16, 2012

A Long Week

So it's been a long couple of weeks here. My interview didn't go so well and I didn't get a second interview.  I also learned a few things from my supervisor about the interview that have really been bringing me down.  I basically got told to 'let things go' and that 'I'm too hard on myself'.
Yes, I find it difficult to let things go, especially when you're told that you only see black and white and that you're not good enough.
And yes, I am too hard on myself.  I don't like failure.  And I have failed here.  So, work has been interesting to say the least the last week or so.

The only good thing is that I have 2 days left of work until I have 6 days off, and J comes home on Monday.

Otherwise, things have been pretty down in the dumps.  I can only hope that things will get better because right now, I'm kinda stuck where I am, and with the hours that I work, I am still not going to see J.  I need these next few days off.


Out My window said...

Cheer up Charlie, you have a great life. It is hard to feel rejected, but I think you are wonderful. Remember things happen for a reason!

Rafiki said...

I know exactly how it feels to work hours that don't coincide with your significant other. I actually work 3 different shifts and they all suck, I want to get off the shift thing so bad but the time hasn't come yet it seems.

I'm sorry that you didn't get the job but you didn't fail, your grew. I too am hard on myself for failing and struggle to put things under the bridge as P would tell me to do but I get by and so will you.

That's a well timed 6 days home. J will be home and you will forget all your troubles for a while.

Cheer up :)

~Carla~ said...

Aww..I'm sorry things aren't going so well for you right now. ((hugs)) I hope things look up for you soon!

Louise said...

commiserations on not getting the job, doesn't mean you've failed, it can come down to really small differences in candidates.

Anonymous said...

Don't look at is a failing look at it as preperation for the next interview