June 22, 2012

End Of The Week Updates

This week has been a good one both at home and at work for once.

At first I thought it was going to be horrible.  At work our team and another have had to hot seat during the day.  Basically, sharing a desk between two people. I have been doubled up with a person who is notorious for being difficult, accusing, and frankly a little nuts.

Last Wednesday was the first day of our great adventure.  I arrived at 3:45pm to start my shift at 4:00pm only to find the person still at my desk.  Turns out that she was scheduled to end her day at 4:00 and I was to start at 4:00.  Ok, no problem, not her fault.  I admit I was a little flustered because I don't like to be late.
The assistant manager was there, and had made future arrangements for the other person to have a fixed daily schedule from 7:00am-3:30pm (before she could start any time from 7-7:30). She and I have access to all schedules and she knew what days we were working the rest of this week, and then she would be on vacation (which she told the assist. manager).
Friday, I show up, and she's sitting at the desk again. Turns out she signed up for OT and it ended at 4:00.  We were TOLD, you do OT and it interfers with the other person, you find another empty desk to work.
She took offense to the fact that I was upset that she caused me to log in at 4:15 (she  had a call go long) and went on a tirade at me. I remained calm and very civil throughout  the 'conversation'.

Sunday.  I had checked her schedule and she was to finish at 3:30 and I started at 4:00. I showed up at 3:50 and guess what.  She was again, sitting at the desk. I waited for her to leave, standing near, but not right beside the desk. She slowly got her things together, doing other things, all the while I am looking at the clock watching 4:00 slowly creep up.  I finally go over to the desk and I get "oh! I didn't know you worked today!" BULL. You even told the assist manager that you knew I did!

Again, I remained calm, and civil. Even giving her the benefit of the doubt. She left, and I started to log in. But she came back. I again said, you're fine, no problem. She left. I continued to log in and get ready to take calls. But, she came back AGAIN. And once again, went on a tirade, about how she's the victim, and I am horrible, and that my supervisor was her supervisor once and that he's probably saying things about her, and yadda yadda yadda.
I was still calm and civil all throughout this. Which for me is hard to do sometimes, especially when dealing with an obviously crazy situation. 
I finally sent a text to my supervisor advising him what happened again (he had been aware of everything else).  He went and called the assist. manager at home at 9pm on a Sunday to tell them what was going on.
GREAT. Now I'm going to get dragged into this with the manager.
NOPE!!!! The assist. manager (who is an ex-Army Sgt) pulled in the other person and basically reamed her out for what she was doing and that her butt better be out of that desk by 3:30pm every day she is scheduled to work.  The other person's supervisor tried to give her side of the story, and was immediately cut off, they didn't want to hear it. Hehehehe

I was off that day. But apparently they watched her, and she didn't leave until 3:54pm. It was like she was waiting for me again, and it didn't go unnoticed by management.

When I came back the next day, the assist. manager came over and told me everything she said to the other person and even told me to come to her if the other person has not left the desk. Totally have the assist manager on my side, which is kinda cool.
I just hope that come July 1, I don't have to deal with this person much. But now that management knows what she is doing, I don't think I will have a problem....unless she really is crazy and tries to push the buttons of those in charge.

So, the week that I thought would start off horrible, has actually been pretty good!
The team I am coaching is having a great month, including myself, and it feels good to  have folks doing well because you're helping them.

Now, onto the money: J got his completion bonus for his last 6 months in Afghanistan. Something that he wasn't expecting because they were told they weren't going to get it. So, yay!
We have been going back and forth on the taxes.  We have used TurboTax in the past and it's been good. But with J's Foreign Earned Income credit I want to make sure it's done right.
I'm pretty sure it's correct in the program, but do we pay a CPA a lot of money to do it, or trust my gut and submit it through TurboTax?
We're looking at roughly $11,000 in federal and state refund combined.

What we'll do with it, we haven't decided, but I'm sure there will be a post here soon :)

Sorry for the long post, hope you all have a great weekend!

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Niki said...

I really hope the craziness is over That sounds ridiculous.

As far as the tax thing I would pay just because there are so many little weird situations. But that's just me because I would worried about getting audited or something.