July 2, 2012

Beginning Of A Short Week

Well, June has come and gone.

Yesterday, was Canada Day.  Totally forgot to post that here....so Happy Canada Day! :)
I also had to work yesterday.  It Was Crazy.  We had a large storm come through on Friday night which took out power all over VA, MD and DC including our house.
Half of the town was dark and the other half was not.
We got power back at about 7:00am Saturday morning, but Comcast went out and we had no cable or internet all day Saturday and half of Sunday.  I will definitely be asking for a credit for that day. Apparently Comcast didn't go out until AFTER the power had been restored. 

The queues at work were well over 100 ppl waiting for a representative in my department for pretty much the entire day.  It sucked. 

I made a $475 payment to the MBNA Mastercard, which will bring the balance below $2000.  It feels good considering that card started at over $20,000 just last year around this time!

I also made another principal payment of $50 to the mortgage, and we are 1 month ahead on the mortgage with our next payment not due until September 1.

Our vacation up to the cottage in Muskoka has also been sent to my dad's bank account so they can write the check for the rental.  I'm really looking forward to going back again this year.  This will be J's first time up there, and I hope he enjoys it as much as I have all my life.
I think the first time he casts his fishing rod in the lake all will be good :)

Jand I have still not filed the taxes.  I have done it over and over and over in TurboTax and the numbers always stay the same.  We are going to just file through it, since we can get audit protection through TurboTax.  It's the only 'unusual' thing we have in the filing, so we will go ahead with it.

Hope you all have a good start to the week!  I have tomorrow and July 4 off.  Looking very much forward to it :)


Niki said...

What a rotten day! Sounds quite miserable.

I bet you are looking forward to that vacation now. I hope you have a wonderful time with J.

Krystin said...

Actually...the day wasn't that bad lol. Constantly being on the phone makes the day seems shorter. And having no cable wasn't so bad either. J and I built some of the Star Wars Lego kits we have :)

But yes, I am VERY Much looking forward to vacation haha.