July 27, 2012

Long Week

And I'm exhausted.

So far this week I have worked 45.5 hours with another 11 to go today.

Next week I am only going to work my mandatory 4 hours, only because we are leaving for vacation on Friday and I have a lot to do to get ready.  I need the extra 2 hours each day to prepare for it. 

Other than working a lot not much has gone on.  Today is payday! Yay!  We also got both our Federal and State tax returns.  We are deciding on how to divy up the payments.

Just a short posting today, as my brain really can't function properly for a good one!

Have a great weekend all!  Tomorrow is going to be another long day with a lot of errands to run.

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jpkittie said...

Hope everything is going well! :)