July 18, 2012

Making Extra Money

I think I may have found a way to enjoy our vacation a lot more.  Working OverTime! *YAY*

If you can't already tell, I was being sarcasting in my excitement.

At work, we have plenty of opportunity to work overtime, and I could if I wanted to.  Read that again. I could IF I wanted to.
I have worked OT before, and don't get me wrong, I love the extra money in the paycheck, but I quickly get burned out by working the extra time and dealing with some of the calls that come in.

Lately, we have been swamped by callers, most of them are newer members, and the queues have been high.  Apparently the members are complaining that they are waiting too long for a representative.
So, starting on July 23, everyone who can be on the phones (ie: Me and everyone else who has phone skills) will be required to work a mandatory 4 hours of OT per week.
The equals out to 1 more full day on the phones and about $225 extra before taxes.
I was ticked...still am actually.
So, I thought about it and you know what? If they are going to make me work OT, I am going to milk it for all it's worth, which could be a lot.  They have Uncapped OT...which means I can work as much as I like.
So I am going to.  I am going to work (hopefully) an extra 3-4hours extra per day and 4 hours on my day off (excluding Saturday) equaling to approx 38 - 48 hours per pay period. Which means I could possibly make an extra $1060 - $1339 on top of my paycheck (essentially, a second paycheck for me).
You want to make me work, fine...I will work, and I will make money.

BUT, don't expect me to be all happy about it....until I'm on vacation :P


Niki said...

Haha stick it to 'em!

Working so much isn't fun but the paycheck will hopefully help.

Out My window said...

Overtime can be great but forced overtime not so much. But you will enjoy the extra money!

jpkittie said...

That will suck - but that is going to be awesome to suck it up & get the extra money!!!!

444 said...

I hope you don't mind if I ask you 2 N.F. questions. I understand if you're not at liberty to answer. Do you know if they're going to have any 0% deals soon? My other question is: I put in a request to raise my credit limit on my MC and I was shocked when it instantly came back approved. Obviously they have a limit already on record that they will approve since it came back in a fraction of a second. Since I asked for a certain amount, would the CSR tell me how high it was approved "up to" if I call in and ask? I wouldn't want to put the form through again. Thanks!

444 said...

Also, sorry to make you work extra, extra overtime by asking a work question... LOL! :o/ ;o)

Krystin said...

The 0% I have no idea. They literally let us know when you know.
And as to the how high you would be approved for, again, I don't believe so. If you were instantly approved for the CLI, then most likely you were already pre-approved up to that much. Whenever my husband does an increase request, he puts in a high amount and if it's pre-approved it will counter with the amount that he is approved for.

444 said...

Thanks, Krystin. I should have done that! I love N.F., btw.

Jerry said...

Making extra cash has been insurance for paying my debt down and I don't feel the squeeze in the process. It leads to peace of mind knowing you're not saddled with extra debt.

Lisa said...

Oh... I would love to get in some overtime at my job. Just to get ahead again would be wonderful!