July 9, 2012

Post Weekend and Post Holiday

Well, 4th of July was 'ok'.  We took the jeep to the fairgrounds to watch the fairgrounds, and as we were waiting for them to start, we could see lightning on it's way to where we were.  We decided that since we were pretty much in an open vehicle, it would be best to beat the crowds to get home, and well....lightning (lots of cloud to ground lightning to be exact) and an open field are really not ideal so better be safe than sorry.

We got home and we could hear the fireworks going off.  Apparently they set them off early.  If it had been me, I would have cancelled the show.  I don't think it was smart to have a lot of people in that field with the lightning so close.
Even though we missed the real fireworks, the lightning was so spectactular that I stood outside the garage just to watch it.  It was amazing!

On Saturday, we invited my supervisor, his wife and son to come over for a cookout and to have a bonfire.
The cookout was great, the gas cooktop flame going out and gas spewing into the house for about 5 minues, not so great, the 'smores were awesome, the fire in 100+degree heat not so good lol.

All in all it was a good time :)

I've updated the numbers for the Canadian Credit Card.  I am about $1700 left from saying hello to being Canadian Credit Card debt free.  Which for me is a huge accomplishment.
And another big thing for this, even though the majority of our debt was paid with the money J made in Afghanistan, the Canadian cards were mostly paid by me.

Now, I did tell you all that we had used the cards recently here for the house purchases.  Well, we have gone a little overboard and we do have credit card debt again.  But, while I am disappointed that we are back in Credit Card debt, I am confident that we will be out of it soon enough.
Most of the purchases were done knowing what our taxes would be and were going to be paid off with that.
Other purchases were things that we 'needed' but not necessarily right away.  I haven't put any updated numbers for that yet, because we are waiting for the tax return to come in and pay a lot of it down.  Once we have done that I will consider that our true debt.

Hope you all had a great 4th, and stayed cool during the weekend!


~Carla~ said...

Eek! I wouldn't have stayed either! Imagine if something happened! Wouldn't be good! Great job with paying off the c.c's!! Keep it up!

jpkittie said...

That would have been scary - glad you guys left & made it out of there before the storm hit... That is great that you are so close! So proud of you! and for the other debt - you will get there, just throw it on the list of things to get done & just plow through it when you are done with the canadian debt... good luck