July 12, 2012


So like a lot of people I use Swagbucks to search, do surveys, daily polls, etc.  Today I went to log in to my account (which is unusual because I never log out) only to find they deactivated my account!

I have no idea why, I am still waiting for a response, but the best part?  I have never actually 'cashed' in on the SBs that I have which is about 8500 of them.  I was saving them for something big.

This has definitely left a sour feeling on SwagBucks.  Even if they reactivate my account (and I have no idea if they will or if they will reinstate the SBs I had) I will cash out what I can and cancel the account.  Why should I feel like I need to use them if they just go ahead an deactivate my account without any notification.

Edited To Add: So I received my response from them, apparently I am 'using and sharing multiple accounts'. Uh...no I'm not.  I only have one!  Sent them an email back telling them so and that I respectfully ask that they re-instate my account.  So that I may cash out and stop using Swagbucks.
Anyway, the week has been pretty good.  Today is payday for J and tomorrow for me.

We did our taxes via TurboTax.  We took the 'chance'.  If anything happens, we'll deal with it then, but there really wasn't much to them.
Both the Federal and State have been accepted.  In fact the Federal was accepted about 30minutes after e-filing. The State was accepted yesterday and has already been processed.  States that DDNP will be on 07/16 (give or take).

I made a deal with J that he can have about 30% of the refund to do what he wishes with it, and the rest I get to put towards debt, house, other necessities for us.  I hope this will appease J so that I don't have to feel guilty if he asks to buy something that we don't really need.

So that's pretty much this week.  The weekend will involve a WWII event in Chantilly, VA at Sully Plantation.  Weather should be nice, and we usually have a good crowd.

Hope you all have a great weekend!


Michelle said...

Wow I would be super angry if you don't get to redeem that!

Krystin said...

So they emailed me back, saying I'm using multiple accounts. Uh...no.

Want my account and SBs so I can cashout and stop using them.