September 3, 2012

Budget Friendly September

Well, since I will either A) Be off work for another week B) Be off until September 17 or C) Off all of September, I will not be making what I would normally if I were at work.  What with the night differential, and weekend differential that will cut my 'normal' pay about $120 less every 2 weeks, plus being on Short Term Disability, I will only be making 75% of my regular pay (less the differential).  I figure instead of the $1150 a paycheck it will be about $700 a paycheck. 

The numbers are going to be tight this month.  Thank goodness J pays the majority of our big bills and I handle mainly the utilities which have all been paid so far.

We do have some other bills being paid right now too.  I am a little ashamed to say that our credit card bills have been up there a little bit higher than I would like.  We just need to get past this little hiccup in my health to get back on track again.

I hope everyone is enjoying their labour day!


Little Lamb said...

Hopefully you heal up quickly...once you stop injuring yourself ;)

Out My window said...

Do what you have to do, you will be up and around and then you can face the monster. Right now you are to laid up to go shopping:)Stay off the internet sites if you like to shop online!

jpkittie said...

here's for a speedy recovery & are back to normal soo!!!!

Jabed Super said...

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