September 7, 2012

Time For A Change

Fall is just around the corner, and I have been thinking about changing up this blog a bit.

I have been looking at wordpress, but I don't know if I like their layout so much.  I'm sure I could figure it out, but for now, I think I will continue to 'play' with it.

I'm here to just document what's going on.  I'm nowhere near what blogs like Andrea over at So Over This or Niki when she had Debt Free by 30 and now Hello Paper Moon. They are awesome.  I'm just a small thing here.

I also feel like I slack here when things get crazy or busy and that's not fair to the blog or to anyone who actually reads it.

We also need to change how J and I are living.  I think sometimes we both forget that he's not in Afghanistan any longer and not making the money he was when over there (and I just found out that J has been wanting to go back....that's another story that is still being played out, I'll update when at least *I* know more).
So we've spent a bit of money....on credit which we shouldn't have.  And I am so ashamed by it all.  But we got out of it once, we'll get out again.
The Canadian cards are going to be gone here very soon, which was the bulk of where my monthly payments were going because of the higher minimum payments, sometimes as high as $350-$500/month.

Once that is gone we can tackle what we have added.  I'm still deciding what to put up on the sidebars, because we still have money from the tax return (which I am being stingy and holding on to).
Once I feel comfortable at what we are doing and where we are I will reveal what we have.

But for now, no more spending and more getting on track.

Happy Friday to you All! :)


Niki said...

You're too sweet!

You should only reveal what your comfortable with. I believe it is completely normal to spend a bit when the spouse comes home from being gone for so long. You have made some pretty remarkable payments in the past year or so. Don't forget that. You'll be back on the ball in no time.

Best of luck.

jpkittie said...

Good Luck on getting back on track - you can do it - it happens.... just stay positive :)

Lisa said...

I am a new visitor, and just looking at your sidebar, you have made great progress on your debt!