September 20, 2012

Medical Expenses

The cast comes off on October 1 and into a walking boot I go!

A few comments I had received regarding my surgery were about our insurance and hoping that we didn't have to pay too much for the surgery.
I wasn't too worried, as the insurance we had before, Aetna, through J's work wasn't so good for us, so Blue Cross Blue Shield HAD to be better.

Basically, Aetna for us was a $600/year deductible per person and no one was In-Network with them around here, meaning that only 60% of the cost was ever paid.  So we paid a lot in expenses whenever something happened to me or J....but usually me lol.

We swiched to my employer's insurance, BCBS last open enrollment and man has it saved us a ton! I will show you proof here in a moment.

While it may cost us over double a paycheck for coverage, in the long run, we are saving.
Our deductible is $250/year per person.
And EVERYONE around here is In-Network so they pay 100%.

For my surgery (does not include initial consultation with the surgeon which was a $30 Copay) the total cost came to $22,138.87.
My responsibility for it is........$21.83!

I had reached my deductible so everytime I would read "Patient Responsibility: $0" I would smile.
That total cost also does not include the 'discount' that BCBS gives because of being In-Network.
If we had stayed with Aetna, I would have been responsible for something like $8500.

So for those who may have been wondering about the money side of my surgery, there you go :)


Out My window said...

I beleive I just heard that Aetna was bought out as it was having trouble. They used to be one of the best in the nation.

ND Chic said...

That's a huge difference. It's very annoying to me when they don't have an easy option for being in-network. Yay for you getting your cast off tomorrow.