September 21, 2012

4% Interest???? No Way!

In previous posts, I have praised some of the certificates from NFCU including their Special Easystart and custom clubs. I know this is a little late, but right now they have a Celebration Certificate that is a 12-month cert with only a $25 minimun to open and it is paying at 4%!!!! The max you can put in is $4000 but you can add to it over the year and no other requirements.

I opened one up this week and will be moving probably half of what is in our ING account since it is only paying 0.80% and we all know how I feel about that!

This is definitely a limited time certificate as is it ends on September 23 so if you are looking to earn more money for your money and are a member, I highly recommend opening it! All primary members are eligible to open this product so if you have one for you, spouse, kids, etc check,it out. They also have a few other offers for this week including $40 referals for one referral and $400 incentive for an auto refinace (outside Navy).

Again, even though I work for them, I in no way gain anything for telling you about this. I just like passing along some pretty awesome deals :)


ND Chic said...

What is NFCU?

Krystin said...

NFCU is Navy Federal Credit Union.