September 28, 2012

Is It Monday Yet?

Yes, I know, that SHOULD read, is it Friday yet? But Monday means I get this cast off of my leg and I get a walking boot.

I NEED TO WALK.  This past month has been horrible!  I feel like I gained 50lbs, I am looking at a disaster area of a home, and I haven't been able to get to work.  I never thought I would be so happy to be closer to going to work and talking to people who may yell at me.  Yes, I am looking forward to that!

If you know how much I hate to clean, you would be surprised to know that I am DESPERATE to clean this house, just because I can't at the moment.
I can see the mess J has made on his side of the bed, but can I tidy it up? No, because 1) It takes an effort to get upstairs (I have been crawling up the stairs on my hands and knees since the surgery), 2) I have to use a walker up there and cannot bed over to pick up his stuff, and if I do pick it up, I cannot hold it and use the walker at the same time. *sigh*

I would kill to be able to take a bath right now. Seriously.  I love baths, and I haven't had one since August 20th.  I can barely take a shower because it is so difficult to bag my leg, actually get into the shower, shower, get out of the shower, dry, and dress.  By the time I do all of that (upstairs by the way), I feel so sweaty that I would need to take another shower.  So I shower when I am desperate enough, or I have to go out.

I have pretty much been dealing with this, and keeping to myself, but now that I am so close to getting the cast off, I am becoming impatient.  I really just want to break it off lol.

Only a few more days, I can do it......maybe. lol

On the money front, we have really had to cut back this past week.  My paycheck was only $675Net when normally it is $1200. Ouch.  So extra payments to things did not get done.
That's another reason why I am looking forward to going back.  Night differential :)

Hope you all have a great weekend!


Out My window said...

Soon very soon you will be soaking in a tub, in the mean time hugs!

jpkittie said...

hope you are getting up the stairs and in the tub soon!!!!