October 6, 2012

Lump Sum Delegation

So the $8444 showed up yesterday morning along with my paycheck (which was more this payday than last....I think it was due to meeting my 'time off' requirement for short term disability and was actually close to what *I* thought it was going to be here) and a transfer of $3000 from ING to put into the certificate of 4%.

Of the $8444, I moved $1400 to the Custom Club for our Cruise and Disney vacation making that fully funded. I sent $500 to my parents and we paid off some of the little debts that we had accumulated.
May as well start somewhere again.

The rest has been put into savings for now until we make hard decisions on what to do with it.

The remainder that is left of the lump sum is $5869

I know I have been off work since August 21 and I go back to work on Tuesday, but I cannot wait for our vacation.  Now that it is fully funded of over $5000 (and I may just add more for fun before we go in January...can never have too much!) and the Cruise has been 'paid for' since last February when I got my bonus for work.  Just waiting until we get closer to the Final Payment Date to pay that with Norwegian Cruise Line.  I'll post more on the vacation here soon on what we're doing and where we're staying :)
But right now.....
Sitting around all day has not been fun.  Very much NOT a vacation.
I am slowly getting back on my feet.  Still very painful though.

Hope you all have a great weekend, if you have Columbus Day off enjoy it, and if you're Canadian, HAPPY THANKSGIVING (HAPPY TURKEY DAY!) Normally I cook a Turkey down here, but it's just too much with my foot out of action.


ND Chic said...

Your vacation sounds like fun. I can't wait to hear the details.

Tanner said...

Hope your return to work goes smooth! I agree; right after time off or a vacation is the best time to wish for the next one. Why's that?!

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