May 1, 2011

May Maintenance

So the month of May has started out by not giving me a break...or maybe I should say 'brake'. Went in to get my car a good one over, with a tune up, fuel cleaning and oil change. Well....... that's all I THOUGHT I was going to have done. Turns out that all of the brakes need to be done. Thing is, I just had the front breaks done about 20,000miles ago. Good news, Firestone will not charge me for the brake pads or rotors. Bad news, the calipers needed to be replaced, and the back brake drums as well. Front brakes were done today, but the drums weren't in stock. In fact the only place you can get them is through Toyota. So I will have to come back for those.

Today's damage? $841. Was supposed to be $300. Plus sitting around for 4.5 hours.

Soooo...May is definitely going to be a cheap month around here! Mac n' Cheese (or as I know it as, Kraft Dinner month!) woo hoo!

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