May 8, 2011


So Hubby's first paycheck from his deployment came in, and while we didn't pay any CCs or Loans off, we did pay off some bills, and a pretty big one at that.

We had a lawyer fee for our Wills and a Power of Attorney for J - $250 PAID
Dental Scan - $93 PAID
Dentist for J (after Insurance) - $1274 PAID

His first paycheck wasn't a full paycheck as it was for only one week of being deployed, so hopefully the next one will be more for more to payoff :)

I'm starting to work on a payoff plan so that I have a plan of attack.

I look forward to having another Payoff update in a couple of weeks (ie: next payday ;) )

In a couple of days, I'll update with the start of payoff plan.

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babybluewater said...

Good for you! Having a plan of attack is half the battle :)