May 13, 2011

Pay Raise!

So I arrived at work today and found in my email an offer letter for the position that I was offered last week.

I totally wasn't expecting the offer letter because it normally works that you go to training, you 'graduate', you get out on the floor and then in about 30-45 days you get your pay raise.

I guess, now that I have moved into a more 'management' or 'responsible' position, my raise is effective 05/29! I'm not supposed to go into training until 06/06 :)

The raise isn't bad either. While I'm at the minimum for the GL that I'm at, it's still at $6100/year raise to my salary. That's over $500 more a month!
So happy about that. Even though J is over in Afghanistan and will be paying off most of our debt, it will be nice to be able to contribute to it as well as add to our savings.

So I've decided that I'm going to pay off 3 - 4 CCs next payday.
Pretty sure of the first two that will be paid, not sure of the third or fourth. We do have a couple of 'bills' to pay, including our County property taxes for our cars.

Going to pay the Car and Renters Insurance in full.

There's so much I want to do! It's pretty exciting! I'm not quite used to all of this. Especially having money in our checking accounts knowing that I've paid all of the bills on time.

Also, I had 3 No Spend days this week! Plus 1 last week. So my goal for this month was 10, and I've already had 4. I'm pretty pleased with myself so far.

Well, J is probably going to call me here soon :) Can't wait to hear his voice again.

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