May 20, 2011

Pay Day and PIFs

Yesterday was J's payday and today was mine. With his largest pay yet, I was able to Pay Off or set up Pay Offs for four, count them, FOUR credit cards!!!

I will finally admit, we have a lot of credit cards, some with low limits/balances, and some with high. So it will be nice to finally get rid of them.

What we paid off today:

Target CC $435.05 PIF!
Target Visa $414.26 PIF!
Revolution Card $560.16 PIF!
Macy's CC $566.84 PIF! and closed when they lowered my limit to $5 above the current balance.

I also paid our Renters Insurance in Full $155 and our Property Taxes for the first half of the year for the County. $217 (for the Ford Explorer) and $91 (for the Toyota Corolla).

It feels so good to finally be able to make a full payment on these, and not just the minimum. When I went to Target to make the payments, I told the Customer Service Rep "I'm sorry, but I won't be using the cards in your store any more" :)

Today, is a good day!


babybluewater said...

Wow! That's wonderful news :) You are on FIRE! Keep up the great work.

Niki said...

Fantastic news! Congrats!