May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

On this day I am thinking of my husband, who is a US Navy Veteran, and is currently deployed to Afghanistan doing work with the military so that hopefully they can bring an end to the war that is happening over there, and to keep those serving there safer.

We don't have Memorial Day in Canada so when I moved down here, it was a real eye opener to the celebrations and honouring of those who have served and those who gave their lives so that the United States can be the free country that it is today.

I work for Navy Federal and being able to help the men and women and their families of those who serve is a nice feeling day after day :)

This week is a short work week for me, I worked yesterday, I am off today (holiday) I work tomorrow, off Wednesday (regular day off) work Thursday Friday. Next week I start my official training for my new position, but my pay raise took effect yesterday (yay!).

This week is also pay week for J and myself. The plan is to pay off 2 or 3 Credit Cards. We have to Pay In Full J's Corporate Credit Card with this paycheck because he hasn't been able to file his expense reports as of yet. Once he does that, it will replace what I have used from his regular pay, which is $435.60.

My goals for PIFs are conservative, so I may in fact actually pay off things earlier than scheduled which is a bonus for us, and means that we may have everything that is scheduled, will be paid off before our September goal.

I hope that everyone has a safe and enjoyable holiday, and that you take the time to remember what Memorial Day is really about :)

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