May 25, 2011

Unexpected Deployment Cost

So, after not hearing from J for 2 days, and becoming really worried (and rightly so!) I finally heard from him yesterday night (or really early morning for him). Apparently food over there isn't as good as mine *wink* and he got some sort of food poisoning. They don't know if it is viral or bacterial, so they are treating him for both. Had to go to the doctor on base and get pills and an IV.

Orginally when we were preparing for him to go over there, we were told that his insurance would be good over there. WRONG! They take Aetna but his company wasn't on the list. So he had to use his debit card where his paycheck goes (which I wasn't going to have him take, but glad I did!) and $379 he's good to go. Funny thing is, they write the number down and process it in the states. Great, now I have to monitor the account to make sure there is no fraud. J doesn't really think of those things :P

Someone has definitely dropped the ball somewhere, and they are supposed to look into it. I will hopefully hear from J tonight again, or tomorrow morning with some news.

I'm just glad I didn't go all debt paying happy and not leave enough for what J had to pay.

Back to working the numbers...


Niki said...

Oh that is awful, I hope he feels better. Shame about the insurance and money, seems like that stuff should be taken care of. You should be reimbursed, right?

After reading you last few posts it seem like you guys are on the fast track to being debt free. Congratulations.

Krystin said...

Thanks! I know how long it took us to get there, and I know how much both me and J are sacrificing (him more than I) to get it paid off.

I hope the doctor's bill we be reimbursed. J said that there had been an email sent, so hopefully they have an answer or have lit a fire under someone's butt to get it fixed.

Anonymous said...

Sounds awful and like something that you shouldn't have to pay for...I hope that you're reimbursed.

Good luck with paying off your debt as soon as possible :)