June 1, 2011

May Recap and June Goals

May Goals - Recap

10 No Spend Days - SUCCESS!
Pay off 3 or 4 CCs - SUCCESS! See here
and possibly J's Personal Loan - To Be PIF in June
Lose 5 pounds with Weight Watchers - FAIL! This will be addressed in June, especially when I start my new shift at work. I will have plenty of time to use the 24hr gym at work. I've even had the fitness specialist do up a program for me, which I will use in conjuntion with WW and my Tae Kwon Do training. I have to prepare for my Black Belt test in November and I definitely don't want to fail!

June Goals
10 No Spend Days
Pay off J's Pesonal Loan
Pay In Full 4 Credit Cards
Start Fitness Program and Lose 5 pounds

It's hot, hazy and humid here. Hope you all are keeping cool! :)

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Niki said...

Wowza! You are doing a great job.

Good luck with losing weight and exercising and with your June goals.