November 23, 2011

Back to Deployment

On Monday night, I dropped J off at the airport to start another 6 month deployment in Afghanistan :(

He got there today after a short sleep in Dubai.

I have a bad feeling that this winter is going to go by really really slow.  I have the countdown on the whiteboard again, please hurry up May 21!

So last we left off our offer had been accepted by the sellers for the house.  We're still waiting to hear any news on whether their bank will accept the short sale.  I should no something today, whether it's no news, or an actual update.
We also applied for the mortgage which was pretty painless.  Just have to provide more docs, but we should be approved with no issues (in fact they pretty much said we were approved) Hard work pays off!  J is used to them saying "We'll let you know"
All I know is that I am going to start packing regardless, because I am on my own and I will be moving on my own and we have A LOT of stuff (crap) that I need to start purging.

I will also need to get our plan together for what will be next on the payoff list!  Fun times once again! :)

So, I will be back to my regularly scheduled updates, and payoffs :)

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Tanner said...

Sorry to hear he will be gone for Thanksgiving. Though that is very exciting and hope the bank comes through and the selling happens with little to no issues. Best of luck packing and purging!