November 8, 2011


So while J has been home we have done a few things that we normally would have done when we're together (go to Gettysburg, have a nice dinner out, just hang out, etc). We've also been getting him prepared for going back to Afghanistan for another 6 months. Oh, and we're buying a house :))

We had been looking at a few places while J has been home, and one came up.  Our realtor has us on an e-list that sends us properties that fit our criteria as they come up or if changes occur (usually list price).  I got an email late one night for a house that was within our price range, and is exactly where we want to be.  We saw it the next day and immediately knew we wanted to put an offer in on it.  We did, and it was accepted and we are now under contract!
The only thing, is that this is house is a short sale, so now we're in hurry up and wait mode.
I'm not a religious person, but I'm hoping and praying that everything goes smoothly with this process.  We know that it is going to be lengthy, but we're fine with that since J won't be here, and it gives our landlords plenty of heads up. 
I'm happy since I was able to do this with J rather than before where I was doing all the decision making.

Now, on to the mortgage! haha

Have good thoughts for us that all goes well! :)


Michelle P said...

I hope everything goes well!

Mysti said...


~Carla~ said...

Sounds exciting! I hope everything goes well! :)

Tanner said...

That is awesome. Glad J could be there to look at the house as well and it was both of your decisions that set this process in motion. I'll let you know though, those processes are long. My older brother went through one, and there was way too much calling to follow up and find the status. Best of luck! I hope we get to see photos.

Krystin said...

Thanks everyone!

We know that it will be a long time, but we're prepared for that, and we actually don't mind that, again because J will be in Afghanistan and well, to be honest, I'm not in the mood to move before Christmas anyway! ha!

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Louise said...

good luck with the house plans!

jpkittie said...

Good Luck to you!!!!

Rafiki said...

It did payoff to wait a bit. Seems it all worked out awesome as J was able to be here to help you choose.

I hope all goes well.